The Intuitive Rider Clinics

The Intuitive Rider Clinics InPerson

Clinics will improve your balance and feel. You will be surprised how some easy exercises can change your body awareness (and therefore your riding) forever.

These clinics are for you, if you want to be more balanced and safer in the saddle and keep your horse healthy and happy. We develop individual solutions, so that you are clear about your next steps.

Some examples for clinics:

My Clinics can have different topics, e.g.

  • The Intuitive Rider Clinic
  • Centered Riding®
  • Dressage for leisure, competition, and art
  • Ground and body work (Linda Tellington Jones)
  • Individual lessons
  • Yoga and horse riding
  • … or create your own combination

How it works:

  • You can either join one of the clinics listed below, or find a group of friends and invite Carla to your barn.
  • Every topic, like “Contact To The Horse’s Mouth”, “How To Ride Turns In Balance”, “Riding From Your Core”, etc. will be developed through unmounted exercises, mounted exercises, and 45-minute semi-private lessons in the afternoon. You get to ride twice per day.
  • There will be 6 to 8 hours of teaching theory and practice every day.
  • The clinics can be 1 to 6 days long.
  • There are usually 5 to 10 riding participants.
  • Participation without a horse is possible for a reduced fee.

Take your riding to the next level!


The next InPerson Clinics:

August 6 The Intuitive Rider Clinic in Brentwood, CA

August 7 The Intuitive Rider Clinic in Galt, CA

August 14 Individual Lesson Clinic in Galt, CA

September 4, Individual Lesson Clinic in Galt, CA

November 13, Individual Lesson Clinic in Galt, CA

Email Carla@TheIntuitiveRider.com for more info and to secure your spot.



Leadership & Connection

In-Person Retreat Program


This is for you, if you want to:


  • Become an Intuitive Leader who feels confident, grounded, and empowered.
  • Find deeper and more rewarding relationships.
  • Create a spiritual bond & connection.
  • Communicate intuitively with your horse.
  • Learn how to stay present.

Here is what you will get:

  • Orientation Call, so that you will be ready to fully dive into the experience.
  • Introduction to Third Eye Meditation to open your intuitive perception.
  • Intimate 3-day retreat experience with your horse in a small group of like-minded women (limited to 6).
  • An unforgettable experience with your horse, creating deep connection on the ground and in the saddle.
  • 4 Integration Calls that will help you integrat what you learned.
  • Access to The Intuitive Rider monthly Q&A calls for another 6 months after the retreat.
  • Post questions 24/7 in our private Facebook group, or email them to Carla.

Find intuitive leadership and connection!

The next Retreat:

September 30 to October 2 in Newcastle, CA

Email Carla@TheIntuitiveRider.com secure your spot.

Free Mini Workshops

In-Person or Online

The Intuitive Rider programs can help you become the rider want you to be. Why not taste a sample and get a free Mini Workshop with Carla? – In-Person at your barn in Central California or Online anywhere in the world.

I will come to your barn for the In-Person workshop. You won’t have to bring your horse as the exercises will be unmounted.

Or I can meet with you and your friends for a Free Online Workshop.

These Mini Workshops are highly interactive. You will have a lot of Aha-Experiences and Takeaways.

Interested? Let’s talk! Just fill out the contact form below and check the Free Mini Workshop option.

Watch my Video to the right ->

In-Person and Online Learning

Let's talk about the goals you would like to achieve and what benefits you can expect.

Breathtaking AHA moments and valuable experiences that will improve your riding and the connection to your horse are waiting for you.

Become a Host

How about being a host for The Intuitive Rider at your own barn?

You can host your individually tailored The Intuitive Rider Learning Event for your group of beautiful horse people.

The host attends for FREE!

FREE Workshop

For a first impression we can also schedule a FREE Workshop - In-Person at your Barn or Online.

Contact me

Call me at +1 510 423 1936.

Send me your questions and contact details in the contact form to the right.

Send an email to  Carla@TheIntuitiveRider.com

I look forward to your ideas and would be happy to learn about your needs and expectations.


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