25 years ago I took horse riding lessons but it was a horrible experience: At the school I went to I always got a young wild, energetic horse. After a month of trying I was so scared of this horse, that I quitted and never ever wanted to touch a horse again. I became convinced that there is a special “magical’ talent for horses that I do not have.

Now, after all this time, a good friend kept on inviting me to ride on her nice horse. I told her about my bad experiences in the past and my scares about horses. But she just told me about her horse riding teacher Carla who would have a different way of teaching and a special connection to horses. So I met Carla. She helped me overcome my fears by explaining me what went wrong with my first adventure. She also talked about gentle and conscious ways to connect to horses. I love listening her talking about horses – and people. I am really looking forward to my next lesson with her – and my horse.

Agnes Miklos-Illes

Piano Teacher, California