Ground Manners Clinic

Back to the basics!

Make everyday handling easy & enjoyable for your horse and yourself,  and improve his balance doing it.

Let’s Go Back To The Basics:
  • Leading safely in ANY situation.
  • Know how to calm your horse.
  • Addressing ground obstacles in a safe and repeatable way.
  • Preparatory steps for loading your horse.
  • Improving your horse’s balance and responsiveness through good everyday handling.

Take your riding to the next level – with a Carla Bauchmueller Clinic!

Did You Know ?


You can organize a Clinic for your Rider Community. Click here and learn more:Your Barn - Your Clinic

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 24 2024




Hossmoor Ranch
Hossmoor Ranch
1151 Bear Creek Road, Briones, CA 94553

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