As a female horse rider over 40, your balance is not what it used to be. Find your balance and feel safer in the saddle – learn from the comfort of your home in the intuitive


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Balance is the key to riding as it is to life

Are you experiencing any of these:

not feeling balanced in the saddle

insecure in movements you used to be able to do effortlessly

concerned about tripping and hurting yourself

You want to feel safer in the saddle? Improve your seat and, therefore your communication with your horse. Enjoy movement again by finding more balance in your life, physically and emotionally.

Learn exercises based on  NEUROSCIENCE  to improve movement, especially for riders, so that you can reset your balance in a way you hadn’t thought possible!

This is an ONLINE program over 4 LIVE zoom meetings. Next Rider Balance Bootcamp will start in on September, 28th 2023.

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Jane Ayers, Rider Balance Bootcamp Participant

Jane Ayers

Karen, California



Anja, Germany

My frozen shoulders has stopped hurting and is much more flexible.



Testimonial Lola

Why rider Boot Camp? I am an older woman rider who was going through a fear of riding my horse Remington. I knew that me being better balanced while riding would help my boy also be more balanced. I would  then be more confident and secure. It is working and I am riding!  Not only this, I realized the importance of balance in my everyday life as I continue on in years. Falls as we age can be so very debilitating. Solid balance is key!



Testimonial Krissy

For the first time in months my back hurts way less in bed.



Testimonial Stephanie

For the first time in months my back hurts way less in bed.



Testimonial Elizabeth

I am in my 70s and stopped riding because I didn’t feel balanced enough. I have also not been able to balance on my right foot for quite some time. After the Rider Balance Bootcamp, I can now stand on my right foot, and I might even get back in the saddle.