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Ride Better . Feel Safer . Connect Deeper

“Who wouldn’t want to become a better person for their horse? I can help you with that…”

Carla Bauchmueller

Ride Better

Feel Safer

Connect Deeper

“Who wouldn’t want to become a better person for their horse? I can help you with that…”

Carla Bauchmueller

Ride Better

Feel Safer

Connect Deeper

“Who wouldn’t want to become a better person for their horse? I can help you with that…”

Carla Bauchmueller

“Working with you, Carla, has been one of the most profound and deeply moving experiences I have had. Transformation on all levels.”

Sing, happy customer from California

The Idea 

I am passionate about helping women over 40 to be able to connect to their horses on a soul level, in the saddle and on the ground.
What I find is that they are sometimes afraid of their horse and don’t understand what their horse want to tell them. What they really want is to truly connect and spend harmonious and fear-free time with their horse.
I help these riders find a safe, balanced and well-coordinated seat, so that they can find subtle communication and deep connection with their horse when riding.
And I help them to understand themselves better – physically, mentally, and emotionally – so that they can connect with their horse on a deeper level, and become The Intuitive Rider they and their horse want them to be.
My goal is to develop individual solutions which make learning fun and enjoyable for both, horse and rider, independent of discipline and level of experience.


My FREE gift for YOU:

The Free Rider Posture Tip

I will give you one core improvement you can make in your riding posture. All you have to do is send me a photo of yourself on horseback. 🙂
There are always about one hundred things to improve in your riding, and it’s hard to know where to start. But what if I could give you one quick tip – for free – , identifying one postural change that can make a big difference, so you can find a more balanced and connected seat, and communicate more precisely with your horse?
Simply send me a photo of yourself on horseback. I will take a look and find one core thing. I will email you one quick tip to get started.
I have been doing this for 30 years, and I found that usually within the first seconds of seeing a horse and rider, I can see the most important postural change you can easily make. A lot of other things can fall into place when we have identified and fixed this one.
I understand that a photo is just a moment in time. So, don’t go crazy to find the one perfect photo. You can send me several. Just email them to me.


HorsExpo 2024

Carla will be presenting at the

North America’s Equine Event of the Year

June 7-9, 2024

at the Murieta Equestrian Center, Sacramento, CA

Experience The Intuitive Rider Spirit in person at her 3 unique live presentations in arena 3 – the SPIRIT Arena !

Friday, 9:30am

How to Activate your Brain to Become a Better Rider.

All movements are controlled by the brain. Get your brain on board to feel safer and more coordinated in the saddle.

Spirit Arena

Saturday, 1:00pm

“Yoga For Horses”
Classical Groundwork Foundations for Every Horse.

The Balanced Horse – Introduce your horse to flexion, bending, leg yield, and shoulder-in form the ground.

Spirit Arena

Sunday, 1:15pm

Eye and Tongue (!) Movements to Improve your Riding.

The magical way brain activation exercises improve your balance and coordination in the saddle.

Spirit Arena

P.S. Check out my Expo Specials! You can now get 50% off on these online courses and online riding lessons with coupon code: EXPO


1) The Rider Balance Bootcamp in July to activate your brain for better balance and coordination in the saddle. (That’s the neuroathletics work I will be presenting on at the Expo.)

2) The Breathing Masterclass in September: Connect more deeply with your horse, physically, mentally, and emotionally through breath work:

3) 1:1 Online Riding Lessons for individualized feedback and help with your riding:

More News…


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Local Date: Jun 27 2024 |
Local Time: 8:30 pm - 9:15 pm
27 June 2024
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Education and Expertise

  • Licensed trainer level A of German National Federation (FN)
  • Centered Riding® instructor Level 3
  • Expert for Neuroathletics in Riding
  • In India professionally qualified as a YOGA teacher – focused on physical and mental awareness
  • 30 years of experience in instructing horses and riders
  • 18 years of experience in teaching meditation and regression techniques


About Carla

Meet Carla Bauchmueller, the visionary behind “The Intuitive Rider,” where equestrians embark on a transformative journey to deepen their connection with horses. From an early age, Carla’s passion for horses led her through diverse disciplines. Her journey culminated in a unique blend of expertise drawn from comprehensive training in systems such as the Classical German, French, and Spanish Training Systems, Centered Riding®, and Brain-Based Training Methods.

What deepens Carla’s teachings and sets her apart is her level of expertise in meditation, personal development, and mindfulness training. She is a certified meditation and yoga teacher, as well as a transformational coach, leading and facilitating worldwide. Carla’s holistic approach to horsemanship goes beyond traditional methods, focusing on empathy, respect, and an understanding of the individuality of each horse and rider.

Carla Bauchmueller is a highly respected International Clinician and an expert for Neuroathletics in Riding. She is one of a few Level 3 Centered Riding® Clinicians (certified by Sally Swift since 1994). Carla holds a German Trainer License A – the highest trainer level in Germany.

In in-person and online programs, she specifically supports female riders over 40, guiding them to be more confident, balanced, and connected in the saddle. Carla’s programs also delve into the emotional and mental aspects of being a horse person, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being.

As the founder of “The Intuitive Rider,” she shares her insights and practical guidance, offering a haven for those seeking a more fulfilling riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice, Carla’s teachings foster a deeper connection, celebrating the unique bond between horse and rider.

She lives in California, USA, with her husband Chris and two beautiful cats named Picasso and Sunny.

Carla is a member of the Equitopia Horse Experts team

Happy Clients

Carla has a great abililty to observe. She carries out fast but highly qualified precision work and at the same time she holds a lot of empathy for the rider and the horse. She is patient and creative in dealing with humans and horses. She lets us feel that we found the solution ourselves. Carla pedagogical and training`s approach are – compared to other systems – incredibly effective in correcting posture and balance. Her training is very effective with lots of short cuts. And Carla´s training makes you feel light and happy.

Karin Wyrtz

Psychotherapist, Denmark

Today I was riding a very nervous mare, she’s very fast in this nervous mood, always shaking her head and it’s very difficult to communicate with her, relax her and concentrate her. In this situations, I always feel like I’m trying to talk to her through very thick wall and she can’t hear me! But today, I was just thinking about soft eyes, umbrella breathing and building my blocks and it was absolutely different!! After I started using soft eyes and umbrella breathing, she slowly calmed down and after a while, she was absolutely relaxed.. She even stopped shaking her head! It was really great feeling and I was so happy! Till the end of the lesson, she didn’t get nervous again and she was really concentrated and satisfied, really amazing for us both.

Terka Blechová

Thank you, Carla, for the help with my riding yesterday.  I very much enjoyed learning from you and it will serve me well on the trail.  You have so much to offer.



I learned so much today! Your lesson was worth several traditional lessons. It is a good way of introducing riders to you. I’ve never said this to anyone, but perhaps you should increase your price. My horse thanks you, too.



After 15 years of not riding, I felt taken care of and taken seriously by Carla.

Lotte Beck

Highschool Teacher, Denmark

Thank you for a wonderful morning with so much good stuff to learn and remember. Tonic says thank you as well, we had a wonderful ride this afternoon.



Vibeke Schwerin


I too have horses in my past that were victims of my ignorance. Horses who were not allowed to say “No Thank you, I’m not ready for that” Horses who understood me way more than I understood them. So grateful that people like yourself are willing to share your knowledge so I can move forward with my obsession:) I gave up riding and Horses for 15 years because I just couldn’t continue with the way things were and couldn’t find a better way…until now. I appreciate you sharing your journey as it fills me with the hope that change can happen and help is available.


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