Welcome to our member page! I am excited that we have our own page now – independent of facebook 🙂

This will be an international group. We already have 3 countries: the US, Germany and Denmark!

Let’s make this forum fun, educational and alive. I will need your help with it. Ask questions, upload photos and videos, share frustrations and successes!

Please introduce yourself and your horse with a few sentences, so that we can start connecting to each other.

The members will be from two different types of programs:

  1. The Master Classes, these are one year programs, and
  2. The 90 Day Distance Education Programs.

These are the members so far:

  • from the Master Class at Rancho De Los Amigos in Oakland, CA: Gabi, Margaret, Kathy and Leah
  • from the Master Class at Equitopia in Fairfield, CA: Jane, Kendra, Charlotte, Pam and Tule
  • from one of the 90 Day Programs in German: Anja, Uta, Kerstin and Gerda
  • from another 90 Day Program in German that has just started: Petra H., Petra E., Ingrid and Vibeke from Denmark
  • from last year’s 90 Day Program in English: Tule and Kimberly.

Yay! I am very much looking forward to working with you and your horses.