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A Simple Breathing Exercise: Part 2

by | Nov 20, 2023

Look what I found at the grocery store: a wellness magazine called “Breathe”

We all breathe. You wouldn’t be reading this, if you weren’t breathing, but when we make our breathing conscious, it has a huge impact not just on our wellbeing and mindfulness as this magazine suggests, but also on how we are moving – and riding!

Did you know that you are breathing 20-25,000 (!) times a day?

Did you know that breathing is a movement skill? – Meaning good breathing improves posture, movement, and coordination!

So, what if you improved the way you are breathing even just a little bit?

Try this simple exercise:

Take a deep breath in right now and exhale with a deep sigh. Do that two or three times. Doesn’t that feel good? It’s a simple way to let go of tension. It can even help you when you have a hard time falling asleep. And: it can help you let go of tension before you get on your horse.