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Honoring My Mentors – #5 My Piano

by | Feb 20, 2022

Piano? You might wonder if you were reading that right. And yes, I consider my piano as one of my wonderful mentors.

I got my first piano when I was nine. In the same year, I started riding horses. 🙂

Here is what practicing the piano for decades has taught me for my work with horses. What’s a skill you have that helps you become a better horse rider?

  • When you play an instrument, you are resonating on a deep energetic level with your instrument. When you ride a horse, you are energetically resonating with your horse.
  • Rhythm is the foundation for everything, in music, in riding, in life. Rhythm is everywhere. Your breathing is rhythm.
  • It’s beautiful to experience “melting” into an activity, being totally absorbed in what you are doing.
  • Patience – Consistent practice creates beauty and harmony.
  • Listening – In music and in riding the technical side of things is only a small part of what really needs to happen. You can do things technically perfectly, but if you don’t listen to your instrument or your horse, it will be without connection and beauty.