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Why am I not riding? – Part 2

by | Jan 4, 2024

The question “Why am I not riding?” has multiple levels to it. One of them can be hidden (or not so hidden) fear.

It’s hard to enjoy what you are doing when you are afraid of it. There are also many aspects to fear. Let me just address one in this context today:

Think about your WHY. Why do you love riding? When the why is big enough, we can overcome fear and even take it as an opportunity to grow.

My client Sharon had had a bad fall before I met her. She was VERY afraid to ride her horse. So afraid that she started shaking just thinking about riding. I asked her why she still wanted to ride. She responded: “This is my childhood dream. I have always wanted to ride. I love it, and I want to do it, even though I am afraid.” I loved her answer and her determination because I am the same: when I really want something, I won’t let fear stop me.

In the following weeks, I helped her step by step to get her confidence back, and some time ago I saw her posting videos of herself galloping along the beach in Portugal on a Lusitano. I felt so happy for her. She had made her dream come true.

So, when you find yourself not riding, ask yourself:

What is your motivation?
What is your dream?
And be honest with yourself: is fear holding you back?

There are strategies to overcome fear. You don’t have to do it alone.

One of these strategies is taking baby steps. Don’t hesitate to dial it back to something simple that you feel safe with, even if it is just mounting your horse while someone holds him and then unmounting again. Then the same thing the next day plus a baby step more, if you feel ready for it.


What’s your first baby step?