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Are you using your breathing to improve your riding?

by | Dec 13, 2023

Did you know that you are breathing 20-25,000 (!) times a day?

Did you know that breathing is a movement skill? – Meaning good breathing improves posture, movement, coordination!

Here are the 3 steps to improve your breathing (or any habit):

1) Non-judgmental self-observation.

2) Learning a new tool/different way of doing it.

3) Making the improved version your new habit.

So, let’s start with non-judgmental self-observation when it comes to breathing. Take a moment to become aware of your breathing (you might want to close your eyes for this).

  • Where in your torso does breathing happen? The chest, the belly, the back, the sides?
  • How fully do you exhale?
  • How evenly does your breath go in and out? Does it get “stuck”?

Take the next week to observe your breathing in everyday life and in the saddle. You don’t need to change anything yet. – Though in breathing, awareness often already brings some change.

Want to learn more?

Join the 3-week Online Breathing Masterclass to learn how to use your breathing to:

  • let go of tension when you or your horse are too tense.
  • create positive tension when you or your horse are too loose.
  • improve your posture and coordination.
  • connect with your horse.