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What’s Working? What’s not Working?

by | Nov 16, 2023

I am enjoying a few days of hiking in Washington between my clinics and found this magical spot.

What I like about traveling alone is that I have time for introspection. “What’s working, what’s not working?” is a question I like to ask my clients before a lesson. And from time to time I ask myself this question, also concerning life in general. Now is such a time for me.

What’s working and what’s not working for you in your relationship with your horses.

For more clarity and connection in riding and in life, join the next Energetic Oneness Program. In this small-group 6-month program, you will not just learn how to connect more deeply with your horse, but will also learn to connect more deeply with yourself. Here are the topics we are going to cover:

  1.  Bring More Rhythm Into Your Life And Your Riding
    Rhythm is the very foundation of your riding. Without rhythm there is no balance and no relaxation. This is true for your riding and your life.
  2. Relaxation And Positive Tension
    You will learn how to truly let go and relax, and teach your horse to do the same. And you will discover the true core stability that does not just give you a stable physical position but will also boost your confidence in the saddle and on the ground.
  3. Symmetry And Rectitude
    Physical alignment and emotions go hand in hand. – You will feel much better physically and emotionally by finding alignment.
  4. Connection: Body To Body And Mind To Mind
    Connection in riding is so much more than just the connection to the horse’s mouth. It’s a connection between two bodies and minds.
    Learn how to “read your horse’s mind”. Connect from deep within through meditation and animal communication techniques.
  5. Impulsion In Riding And In Life
    Impulsion in riding means the energy you are getting from the horse’s hind end. In our context, it’s also going to be about the energy you are finding in your life to move forward towards your goals and dreams.
  6. Collection And Grace
    Collection in riding is an expression of balance and beauty. Find joy and ease in this dance with your horse and in your life!