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Here is what AI says – about balance and riding

by | Nov 20, 2023

I did an experiment this morning. I asked ChatGPT (an AI-powered language model): “Please write a paragraph on the importance of balance in horse riding.”

Here is what it came up with:

“Balance is of paramount importance in horseback riding, as it serves as the fundamental foundation for both rider and equine. Achieving and maintaining balance is essential for the safety, comfort, and effectiveness of the rider. A balanced rider establishes a harmonious connection with the horse, allowing for clear communication and precise cues, which is crucial in guiding the horse’s movements and responses…” (you can read the rest of the paragraph below this email)

Pretty impressive. – And then I was wondering, what would my riders say? How do you feel about your balance when riding? I would love to hear from you!

And here is what I would say:
Good balance…

1) …keeps you on the horse. (Always priority #1 in my book.)

2) …requires and helps with good body awareness, so that you can communicate from your body to your horse’s body.

3) …also means good emotional balance/confidence.

4) …allows energy to flow freely in your body.

5) …can deteriorate with age – BUT you can do something about that!

6) …can be improved OFF the horse – and that’s what I can help you with in the next 3-week Rider Balance Bootcamp!

You will learn powerful, easy exercises that can get your brain on board for better balance. – Exercises that you don’t have to get the running shoes out for. Some of them you can even do on your horse.

These exercises include eye and tongue movements (who would have thought…)

…BUT the best exercises in the world are useless if you don’t do them. The exercises in the Bootcamp are ridiculously easy to integrate into your life, and you will have a 3-week accountability boost, so that it will be easy to make it part of your everyday life, like brushing your teeth.

ChatGPT continued:

“….Moreover, balance ensures that the rider’s weight is evenly distributed, preventing undue strain on the horse’s back and reducing the risk of injury. Equally, a balanced rider can absorb the horse’s movements more effectively, enhancing overall stability and control. As riders refine their balance, they gain increased confidence and trust in their abilities, leading to improved riding skills and a more enjoyable experience for both horse and rider. Ultimately, balance is the key to unlocking the full potential of the partnership between horse and rider, creating a harmonious and seamless dance of motion and understanding.”