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by | May 27, 2022

Are you a lifelong learner too? I definitely am. And I have always felt that I owe it to the horses to become the best version of myself and keep learning and improving.

How do we do that best though? There are so many opportunities out there… And I guess you have also spent money on (online) courses that you never completed.

Let me share some Tips and Tricks I learned as a participant and creator of online courses. There are ways to make learning fun and easy, particularly (but not limited to) online learning of our favorite topic: Horses!
Here is tip #1: You don’t have to do it perfectly!

I can speak from my own experience, and I see this with other course creators too: we want to overdeliver and give a lot. That doesn’t mean that you have to do all that’s offered. Even if you don’t do everything or don’t finish the course, you will still have learned a lot. Celebrate the new information you took in and the improvements you made.

It doesn’t have to be the big hurdle of “Now I am going to sit down with pen and paper for an hour.” Even 5 minutes of substituting social media with your favorite learning platform can make a big difference without it feeling overwhelming and tiring.

Learning Tip #2: “Just 5 Minutes…”

Do you sometimes tell yourself “Oh, just 5 minutes…” when you are e.g. on social media, and then find yourself still on there after maybe 20 minutes or more?

How about turning this around and telling yourself “Just 5 minutes” when it’s about reading a few pages in a book or watching a video in an online course? – And then be proud of yourself that you did those 5 minutes!

Maybe you even feel like doing more, but that’s not the point. It’s about doing something that’s inspiring and rejuvenating, even if it’s “just” for 5 minutes. For this reason, most of the videos in The Intuitive Rider Academy are under 5 minutes. 🙂

Learning Tip #3: Lower The Hurdle 1

Make it super easy to access the material! As soon as you have signed up for a new course, visit the member portal and log in for the first time. It usually only takes 30 seconds, but this way your password will already be saved, and you will already get a feel for the platform. Makes it much easier to go back to it the next day!

Learning Tip #4: Lower The Hurdle 2

Here is an easy way to add the access to any online course to the home screen of your phone, so that it’s right there, and you won’t have to search for it. It’s a trick I have just learned myself in a course I am taking, and it’s a game changer! Check out this 40-second video to see how:

Learning Tip #5: Create Accountability

Find a buddy to do the course with. It could be a friend who has signed up as well, or you go to the Facebook group that comes with almost all online courses out there, and make a post to find someone. It can be as simple as emailing your friend once a week and sharing an aha-moment you had.