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My Mentor’s Book “Neuroathletics for Riders”

by | Dec 3, 2023

Finally, my Neuro-Rider mentor’s book has been translated into English! Yay!

Book: Neuroathletics for Riders

Here is an excerpt of the description of the book that captures how powerful these exercises are. I have seen my clients succeed with this approach consistently, so I am even giving a money-back guarantee on the Rider Balance Bootcamp that follows these principles.

Here is the excerpt:

“Using the power of brain science to unlock the equestrian body’s full potential.

Every movement of the rider’s body starts in the brain. In these pages, Olympic competitor and coach Marc Nölke explains how to direct the specific areas of the brain that control stability, sense of rhythm, precision of movement, breathing, and vision. With his unique brain-focused exercises, riders learn how to change the input sent to their brain to get healthier, more athletic output, which can include intentional and unintentional movement, and functions of circulatory, hormonal, or immune systems.

The brain decides how you ride and how you feel when you ride based on the input you send it. Traditionally, equestrians have worked to improve the brain’s output (riding skills) by training the output (riding skills). Nölke’s innovative “Neuro-Rider Program” is based on achieving better output (better riding skills), not by endlessly practicing the movements, but instead by changing the input—what you send to your brain for it to process and interpret…”

Pretty cool, right? And it works!

In the 3-week Rider Balance Bootcamp, you will learn how to get your brain on board to improve your balance OFF the horse, so you can improve your balance and communication ON the horse.

You will walk away with a set of powerful, easy exercises. But the best exercises in the world are useless if you don’t do them. That’s why the exercises in the Bootcamp are ridiculously easy to integrate into your life, and you will have a 3-week accountability boost, so that it will be easy to make it part of your everyday life, like brushing your teeth. Some of these exercises you can even do right before riding or on your horse for an instant improvement of your stability and coordination.