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My End-Of-Year Ritual

by | Dec 29, 2023

Here is an end-of-year ritual that I do every year, and I thought you might find helpful too:

Looking back at the not-so-good and the good moments of last year:

Take a moment to sit down, close your eyes, and let the images of last year pop back into your mind.

Start with the things that weren’t that great. Things you regret, mistakes you made, unpleasant experiences you had. How does it make you feel to remember these moments? Don’t shy away from these unpleasant feelings. Allow yourself to feel them. And then let them go as well as you can for now.

Next, think of all the good things you experienced and accomplished. What was the highlight? How does it make you feel when you remember it? Enjoy the feelings of happiness, joy, love, or however you are experiencing these memories.

When you have opened your eyes again, decide on how and when you want to celebrate your biggest accomplishment/the biggest highlight of the year 2023. I believe we don’t celebrate our accomplishments enough!

Happy New Year!